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Dedicated servers are an excellent solution for hosting different projects at times when shared hosting plans prove to be insufficient. You can adapt according to your needs and get complete flexibility in managing your server. This is where Al Faras services come in. We are an information technology solutions provider committed to delivering the resources and reliability that your mission-critical websites require. Established in 2013, we have evolved building ICT infrastructure solutions for multiple organizations successfully.


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We have become the first preference of our clients for our multiple offerings including brand new technologies that encompass the Internet of Things (IoT), security, and mobility. These are all designed to help streamline your workflows, reduce infrastructure costs and mitigate risks beforehand.

What Sets us Apart from the Rest of Dedicated Server Providers?

Our dedicated Server solutions features

Strong Commitment.

At Al Faras, customer satisfaction is the priority. We plan to keep growing and innovating to continue satisfying you beyond your expectations.

Experienced Workforce.

Our With our highly skilled and friendly team, we plan to serve you with the best quality service. We rely on creativity, dedication, and innovation and that is evident through our services.

Strategic Direction.

Without wasting our customer’s time, we reach dedicated server solutions for you almost immediately. That way, you can focus on your core business projects. utions

Optimum Quality.

We provide amazing products and services that deliver premium value to our  customers. With whatever we have learned through our experience, we plan on giving our best to you.

8+ Years of Experience.

Among dedicated servers UAE, we are one of the best IT service providers, providing IT consulting services across the country for more than eight years. 

Emergency and Remote Support.

We happily accommodate our customers whenever needed. At times when it is impractical to solve the problem physically, we are always there to support you remotely.

Dedicated Server Hosting Dubai,
Why do you need it?

Dedicated Server in Dubai

You need to handle the traffic

If you expect your website to grow quickly, it is a smart idea to invest in a dedicated server right away. When your site’s traffic increases, for example, and you are still using shared hosting, your site’s performance may suffer dramatically. This might lead to a downward spiral of greater bounce rates and revenue loss. Allow yourself enough time to move your site and ‘settle’ its performance before any potential issues develop.

Server traffic load
Dedicated Server Security

Security is a concern for your website

Every website, but especially those that handle sensitive data, needs to be secure. A website could contain sensitive client information, secret communications, or even credit card details. It is critical to keep this data and your website safe from viruses, hackers, and other threats.

With a dedicated service, you get complete control over the security of your website. Al Faras is capable of meeting and exceeding today’s security concerns’ ever-increasing needs. We are experts at ensuring the security of your website.


A dedicated server gives a client the freedom to tailor the server to their own requirements. Customers who use shared hosting are limited to the programs, software, and operating system that are already installed on the server. They may either provide software that the client does not require or fail to provide items that the client requires.

Through our packages, Al Faras provides you with a configurable server environment that meets your demands. As a result, you have more control over the setting of your dedicated server.

Dedicated Server Flexibility
Maintained Dedicated Server

No overhead for purchasing or maintaining equipment

If a firm wants a dedicated server but does not have the resources or time to run it, dedicated hosting is a perfect solution. A dedicated hosting service takes care of the costs of constructing as well as maintaining the server, which increases the company’s return rate of investment. Our focus at Al Faras is always on maximizing customer satisfaction in the long run.

Having control over your server is important to you

The last reason you might choose to go with a dedicated server over other solutions is control. Dedicated hosting allows you complete control over how you use your server. You can also customize the hardware and install your own operating system.

Control Over Dedicated Server

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