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The Future is all about digitalization and technology. Today the planet is a lot into expansion and innovation. Everything is deliberately modified and evolving and occupied. The same goes for your business a well. As your business is accumulating and broadening you require to be equally involved and educated about what is transpiring around you in terms of development. Your workforce requires to be capable sufficiently so they can conquer every barrier & drawback that appears in the path of your business achievement. Al Faras service is awarding you a remarkable digital instrument that provokes opulence and profitability into your business.


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Why G-Suite or google apps for your Business?

Google App is also known as G-suite is a terrific packet of cloud computing, stimulating productivity tools, Collaborative software, and other tools that evolved and marketed by Google. By permitting G-suite services into your network you’ll consent a new level of productivity to your respective workers and they will ultimately bring up excellent conclusions and productivity in business like never since.

Why Al-Faras for Google workspace services?

Our Google apps solutions features

Al-Faras services is a cost-friendly, credible, and fastest IT solution provider all over the UAE. We are a group of excellent minds and intellectuals who are superbly active in providing world-class services with personal accountability. For better services and strengthening your workforce productivity must bind with AL-FARAS services.

Proven Expertise & Valid Experience.

We are inhaling an undeniable knowledge and proven expertise in and recognized at every corner of UAE.


We are exclusively remembered for being factual and well-established assistance providers of ICT. 

Rapid Yet Accurate.

Our board is rapid, smooth yet detailed in every single chore they carry in hand.

Al-Faras - Your true information technology supporter.

In span of information technology and globalization

Al- Faras being your real technology friend and IT collaborator makes sure to provide you with the fairest and extensively incredible selections and alternatives according to your preferences and appetite. Our workforce is extremely enthusiastic and makes sure that you as our client obtain the best possible

What are we offering?

We are offering a large tract of G-suite apps and google workspace. From installing to illustrating the characteristics till confirming we serve you to every obvious extent. Following are some main tools given by Google for the betterment of your business

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Basic Tools For Google Space

1- Gmail. (It authorizes you to send your respective mail safely without the hazard of cyberpunks. You can also attach doc & files to it)

2- Google Drive. (It entitles you to space up to 30 GB to compile your significant DATA for the extended duration)

3- Google doc & slides. (It facilitates you to use excel, word, PowerPoint, etc. Without costing even a single penny)

Additional Tools Offered By Google App

1- Google Calendar. (It is an online calendar. It was developed in 2006 for the sake of Gmail users to follow-up events and schedule etc.

2- Google Sites (it lets many users establish websites via the Google app.)

3- Google chat. (It is used to communicate &convey information within a group of employees.)


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Advance Tools By Google Space

Advanced tools given by google workspace are as follows.

1- Google Current (This enables your employees to share their respective suggestions associated with a business via comments and featured posts.

2- Google Meets. (It is used for performing online meetings and conferences.

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