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IT Infrastructure & Security

Al-Faras Services scope of framework administrations are executed by IT integrators that comprehend the business, actualizing administrations and innovation applications while esteeming effective asset portion. Our specialists are upheld by guaranteed preparing and aptitudes from industry-driving sellers.

Network Infrastructure

In this universe of quick paced mechanical improvements, it is basic for associations to have a solid, adaptable, and productive system structure to enable them to take advantage of new business and correspondence openings coming their direction. As a venture, you should have a solid system framework, with high-performing Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN), to remain aggressive in your industry and get open doors thumping at your entryway. As one of the main IT re-appropriating brags a group organize masters that can enable you to upgrade and fortify your system framework, in this manner empowering you to get the best comes back from your speculation.

Information Security

Your business needs an efficient IT security system to secure your critical data and network from cyber threat and attacks. With robust IT security solution, you can strengthen and secure your network from cyber-attacks, such as hackers, malware, cyber theft, spyware, and computer viruses. This ensures that your critical information is not vulnerable to cyber-attacks and ransomware attacks that can cause loss of data and severe damage to reputation. Al-Faras Services prides itself on our highly robust managed security services that help our clients stay ahead of threats. With so many security threats hovering around in the cyber space, you seek a reliable IT Security Solution that can simply eliminate the guesswork out of securing your IT operations. The security tools and techniques are far more sophisticated than ever. Right from identifying potential threats to managing security issues, our consulting services can take control of all things IT security at your front, protecting your business from hackers, spyware, viruses, malware, and identity breaches.

Wireless Solutions

Each endeavor today requires an effective system answer for quick access to data and quicker correspondence frameworks. There are reasons why an undertaking picks a remote system arrangement.

A remote system answer for a venture is one of the variables that add to the achievement of an association today, as it empowers endeavor wide access to applications and information from anyplace. Having a remote system answer for your endeavor is unquestionably worth an attempt since it will help in conveying more intelligent and convenient access to data.


Increment security
Lessen time for arrangement of link required to furnish an area
Improve efficiency
Enable clients speedy access to the system

The corporate world in its previous days saw a system arrangement whose sole reason for existing was convey internet providers to its business. A progressive improvement in the field of information systems administration and media communications, the remote system arrangement that is undertaking custom-made gives clients and representatives unhampered access to your information and applications, regardless of their area.

With a lot of mastery and experience, Al-Faras Services has been fruitful in giving remote system answers for some industry areas in Pakistan, for example, training, neighborliness, Banking and so on.

Virtualization Solutions

Is your business coming up short on space for putting away business information and exclusive data? Is your business ready to put resources into a forefront mechanical arrangement yet come up short on the space and cost to do as such? Well the solution to your inquiries lies in an interesting idea called as virtualization. A virtualization arrangement will work best for organizations that are happy to actualize the best innovation arrangements however comes up short on the space and cost to do as such. Our virtualization arrangements incorporate system virtualization, server and capacity virtualization. Our system virtualization specialists utilize organize arrangements by using all the current assets ideally to create extensive mechanical arrangements.

Virtualization helps your endeavor:

Improve application execution
Decrease vitality needs
Solidify servers and increment usage
Virtualize arrange associations
Work cutting edge server farm with coordinated assets intended for virtualization
Oversee physical and virtual situations
Combine and oversee stockpiling
Profit for track after a debacle

A virtualization arrangement is critical since they give the ideal assets to make a bleeding edge innovative arrangement without settling on space. An undertaking in Pakistan with a hearty system virtualization arrangement will effortlessly manage complex issues related with its assets. Virtualization is a key innovation that is intended to manage issues of expense and intricacy while additionally advancing assets. With us virtualization arrangements that incorporate system, server and capacity virtualization answers for your business can take the advantage of expedient and adaptable organization of IT Infrastructure to its regularly developing needs.

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