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Al Faras Services is an IT company providing quality services of Microsoft office 365 in UAE. With the passage of time where the world became a global village and everything is about communication and technology we have taken an initiative to provide you quality access to all office 365 apps which you can use anywhere and anytime. We are involved in several projects related to IT and that is because of the immense faith of our consumers who are showing gigantic conviction and have been coming side by side since 2013.


Providing more than the Microsoft Office 365 Solution.

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Our prestige is our services and customer's satisfaction.

In the era of Information technology services where all our contemporaries are launching something new and claiming it better than the previous one, We along with new offers are deterministic towards delivering excellence.  Microsoft’s most subscriptions delivered by us are pocket friendly and with correct use of it, your work will definitely boost to a new extent.

Features Of Microsoft Office 365 Services

Our Office 365 solutions features

Easily to access and approachable..

Most Office 365 applications offered by Microsoft are easily accessible. Hence this gives you a perfection workflow and surely leads to your business at desirable heights.

Data security.

Security is all that consumers demand. Thus Microsoft Office 365 applications are completely secure with sharing and transferring data and other important documents.

Communication and reporting.

We enormously prioritize customer’s guidance. Once you’re included in the list of our valuable customers, our team actively responds to all your respective queries and tries to report you as soon as possible.

Accurate guidance.

Our group of experts, who are engaged in helping our clients make the best choice for their subscription according to their needs and contingency funds.

Space provider.

AWho aren’t facing the problem of low space in their systems. Most of the time the documents are important as well as big in size which apparently cause issues for recovering them later. Microsoft 365 applications are the best option for this hardship.

Mobility and vitality.

Office 365 apps, that makes it preferable for everyone is that either the user is working upon it via online or from the comfort of the room it works exceptionally.

How Office 365 can maintain and expand your business,

In span of information technology and globalization

Run your business dexterously.

Having a successful business is all about being quick and constant. Microsoft’s Office 365 is a perfect solution to it. You can manage your time and potential just by amending MS office appropriately. The subscription also includes the latest version of selected apps without any extra charges and hindrance. Though this whole outline makes the smooth run of your working atmosphere and ultimately of your business.

Running business illustration
Business Comunication made easy with Office 365 - illustration

Solution to all communication issues.

Fraternizing of team is key to success of any business. Commonly when the organization isn’t availing these services, resulting in, lack of interior collaboration and alliances between the employees which ultimately induce miscommunication and affect the credibility and productivity of employees. MS offers such an application which helps to overcome barriers like this and helps to grow efficiently and effectively.

Working remotely is easy with MS Office.

Organizations where a small number of employees are working remotely usually feel difficulty in interaction properly. Most of the time reporting and conveying isn’t influential enough which ultimately productiveness and efficiency of working. MS Office 365 took pride here in eventually introducing these tremendous connectivity features, which are mainly designed for solving remote working issues.

Working remote made easy with Office 365 - illustration

Quality, Commitment and Dedication

As a growing company we set our sight on providing you the best version of our services. Our aim is to satisfy our valuable customers at every possible extent. We believe in quality and moreover conveying quality. We profess that we hold our customer’s opinion and satisfaction in high esteem and because of it consider us a bit more efficient and functioning team.

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