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Al Faras Services providing high end services of IT Security Solutions in Dubai, UAE. We are in the market to help businesses and companies to protect their critical assets with our Security protection. Providing a wide range of security services that covers a lot of different divisions. We always focused on minimizing the risk and not to compromise in any of your business activities.

IT Security in Dubai - UAE
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We enable our clients at Host Level and Customer level in security in UAE, Expert in providing end-point solutions on attacks and protecting customers between their communication in public, & network level protection. Also a Fortinet partner in Dubai.

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Our IT Security Service Includes

Information Security:

We also educate teams to strengthen their security to protect from any data breach and attacks which will develop long term trust in their customers & clients too.

information security
mail security

Mail Security:

Protecting from spam and avoiding risk to resist any type of attacks.

Hardware Leasing:

We also do renting of security devices like Firewalls, Network level devices or any other peripheral devices etc.

hardware leasing

Our services

Expert Risk Assessment:

Experts review and consider risk factors for the process of risk assessment to cover up any associated risk with deployment accordingly.

IT Audit:

Specialists will also make checks and balances accordingly and IT Audit to protect corporate assets, ensure data integrity.

Business Continuity:

Also providing the solution to resist any failures, faults, and checking tolerance to provide scalability to maintain business continuity overall.

Security Studies:

Give training regarding security to teams because our specialists have professional qualification and have much knowledge in Security studies.

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Our IT Security in Dubai UAE is the Best option! Also for better IT Infrastructure go here for the service.

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IT Security Services

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