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IT Security Solutions

Al Faras Services providing high end services of IT Security Solutions in Dubai, UAE. We are in the market to help businesses and companies to protect their critical assets with our Security protection. Providing a wide range of security services that covers a lot of different divisions. We always focused on minimizing the risk and not to compromise in any of your business activities.
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Infrastructure & Wireless

Al Faras is one of the leading IT infrastructure solutions provider, headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Our services range from IT Support Services to Enterprise IT Services with a purpose to maximize your operational productivity. Being the best IT Infrastructure Company, we are committed to provide top-notch services in Dubai and throughout the globe.
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ELV Solutions

We Are One of the best Elv System Integrators in Dubai, UAE. ELV (Extra Low Voltage) Systems, it includes all the systems in any building or corporation that operates in Low Voltages for the purpose of better control and security.We, at Al Faras Services, offer high-end quality and cost effective ELV solutions and Security Systems in Dubai, UAE Rated integrator of CCTV in Dubai.
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Cloud & Hosting

In today's fast-paced business world, having a reliable and adaptable IT infrastructure is crucial. Al Faras understands this, and we have invested heavily in our cloud computing and hosting services to ensure they meet and exceed the demands of modern businesses. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, we have the expertise and resources to support your unique needs.
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Wireless Networking

Wireless networking is a remarkable solution that reduces a massive expense of cabling and bulge of wiring. As the world is becoming prosperous and evolving, we have achieved a lot in the era of technology. The world has become wireless. For new evolution occurs that eventually contribute to companies and organizations. The role of wireless solution is very crucial for the growth of every business.
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Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization solution is an incredible notion, which enables the user to utilize IT services by software which are originally constrained for hardware. It is a virtual system i.e., the system isn’t physically present but everything is via online. This reduces a lot of physical space occupied hardware devices.It also permits the capabilities of multiple IT systems to process under one superior system.
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END-USER Solutions

In today’s end-user computing environment, IT consumers want to stay connected and have access to the best networks and services as a seamless extension of their PC. People expect to choose their own IT devices and while retaining access to corporate applications and services
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Al Faras Services is a leading system integrator and IT Consulting Services provider in the United Arab Emirates. Established in 2013, the company has evolved building ICT infrastructure solutions for several organizations.
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